What you should watch for In President Trump's 18 months (9 mins)

The More the U.S. Threatens, The More North Korea Wants Nukes… And the More China is in a Bind

SUBHED: Bill Overholt’s analysis of the tensions on the Korean Peninsula

Pyongyang’s behavior is that of a small, frightened animal cornered by a predator, Bill Overholt explains; economic collapse and international isolation has convinced the regime that only intercontinental missiles can keep it safe from a US invasion. There are no easy options for Beijing; on one hand, an American military strike may catalyze a chain reaction where the Kim-dynasty destroys Seoul before imploding, with instability, refugees, or even nuclear explosions spilling its own borders; yet escalating sanctions to trigger a complete collapse of the Hermit Kingdom may have the same effect. Or as Overholt puts it; “China has a sledgehammer, not a lever.”    

William overholt

Bill Overholt

Senior Fellow at Harvard Asia Center 21 years' experience running Asia research teams for Nomura, Bank Boston, and Bankers TrustFormer Asia Policy Distinguished Research Chair and Director of the ...
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